I am a London based sign painter and mural artist. I studied Fine Art painting at University and have a broad understanding of a variety of paint applications. Whether it’s a detailed realist mural or a painted sign on a rough brick wall, I aim to find a way of making sure the end result is of the best quality possible. Longevity and making sure your signs or murals stand the test of time is always considered during the process. I have a detailed knowledge of colour, form and composition, which I feel helps in my approach to all the services I provide.
Sign writing and mural painting are practices that have been around for a generations. As a result, there are many different ways of approaching these traditional crafts. My approach is to use what I have learnt from the history of sign or mural artists along with what I have learnt over the years. Thinking outside the box and finding creative ways of applying my knowledge to projects/commissions is a continual goal. Developing painting techniques is a lifelong pursuit and I’m always learning new mediums to help broaden my understanding.
Sign Painting and mural work requires a close analysis of all the elements surrounding the job in question. Careful thinking about approach and execution, prior to application of paint, is necessary to achieve the desired effect. There is almost always a unique set of circumstances for every project I’ve done to date. So being as dynamic and adaptable as I can be is something that I strive for. 
I am always interested in any type of sign or mural work and I’m open to working across the UK or Internationally if required. So please feel free to call or email if you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss and we can figure it all out.
Thanks for looking, Alex
Drawn Signs
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Mural for Siam Niyom Restaurant in Norwood, London of Siamese Fighting Fish
Reverse Glass gilded sign (private commission)